Brand Photography Guide 2

Hi There!

It's almost time for our photoshoot and I want to ensure that you are prepared and feeling your best. I have a few tips to help you along the way!

Brand Storytelling

It's time to define your business and communicate to your audience who you are, what you do, and how you do it! Here are a few examples of storytelling in your business that can be shown visually through our photo session.

1. Your Personality - Who are you personally and professionally? Example: A portrait series that covers a range of emotions

2. Your Purpose - Why do you do what you do? Example: You working with a client.

3. Your Process - How do you work? What activities are involved? Example: You working on a product or with technology.

4. Your Products & Services - What do you offer? What is the end result? Example: Logos, Books, Paintings, Your craft.

5. Passions & Inspirations - Share your favorites. Example: Text, Colors, Activities.

6. Your Point of Difference - What makes you different from everyone else out there? Example: Background or experience.



It's all about styling and planning. The more time invested in selecting wardrobe and using professional services, the happier you will be with the end results. I recommend hiring professional hair and makeup services for your brand session to ensure you are confident and feeling your best. I also recommend getting a manicure done for any prop or cropped shots that feature your hands.


                  Recommended Hair and Makeup Artists in the NYC area:            








Your wardrobe should be a direct reflection of your personality and style. I recommend wearing something that you are comfortable and confident in. Wardrobe should take into consideration what type of business you work in. Is the atmosphere causal or is there a team uniform? As a general rule, solid colors work best to keep the focus on you. Primary and complementary colors can offer a pop of color to add interest and energy into the photos, and monochromatic colors are the easiest to coordinate between people. 

The more the better! Bring all the options. I would rather we have lots of options, choices, and backups, then discover we want to change direction and not have any options left. I also recommend bringing a range of outfits that can be used in different ways. Being able to show yourself dressed up, at work, relaxed and professional allows you to diversify your photography portfolio. We will aim to shoot at least 4 outfits (Clothing, shoes, accessories, etc) on different backdrop and locations. Make sure to try all outfits on prior to the shoot and that all items are pressed and wrinkle free. Make sure to bring double sided tape, a lint roller, and any other items to ensure you are looking your best.

If you are feeling very anxious you can also seek professional help in a wardrobe stylist to help you coordinate outfits or shop with you.

Recommended Stylist in the NYC area:





As with wardrobe, the more the better in regard to props. Even if you feel like you have a lot of items, grab a couple extra. Props are a great way to personalize and add interest to your photos. Props communicate your personality, show behind the scene looks into your business, and communicates your industry and style. Here are a few examples of props you can bring.

1. Technology- iphones, laptops, ipads, keyboards, and desktops. Technology is key in our screen driven society today. 

2. Office Accessories - Notebooks, planner, pens, pencils, journals, calendars, books, magazines, rulers, and plants.

3. Personal Items - Photos, awards, desk trinkets, coffee mug, artwork, and press releases.

4. Business Items - Work materials, tools of your trade, and branded materials (business cards, promotional materials).

5. General Items - Confetti, balloons, flowers, maps, globe, sunglasses, camera, fruit, and candles.


How To Take Flattering Photos And Look Natural In Front Of The Camera

Don't worry! I am going to guide you the day of the photo session every step of the way. We are going to have a fun and stress free session because of all our preparation and communication throughout the planning process. We are going to look at the images via computer so we can ensure you are happy with the results and have the best experience possible. Remember, if you are having a fun time (which of course we will!) you will look natural and happy automatically. Here are a few posing tips to think about while preparing for your photo session.

1. Make it your own - I am going to guide you along the way during the shoot, but your personality shines through when you take my guidance and apply your own natural tendencies.  For example: I tell you to look at the camera with a strong expression and you cross your arms naturally because that is something you do.

2. Relax your shoulders down - When we are nervous or uncomfortable we don't notice our shoulders can raise and we we lose our neck. This isn't flattering and can make us look even more uncomfortable.

3. Stand on an angle with your weight on your back foot - This allows you to have a bent front leg and curvy relaxed shape towards the camera.

4. Straighten your posture - Make sure to be aware of your posture. Keep your body tall throughout the shoot and try to remember not to slouched or hunched.

5. Be Confident - How you're feeling will show in the photos. Even if you are nervous, there is no wrong way to have a photoshoot, so relax and have fun. This will shine through your photos.



If you have any lingering questions or thoughts, please reach out!